What Is A Simple Way To Treat Ear Mites At Home?

There is an easy way to treat ear mites without having to take your pet to the veterinary office. Mites can cause a lot of damage to your pet’s ears if they are left untreated. Using mineral oil to destroy these mites is a simple process that you can do at home

These parasites cause your cat or dog to get reddened, inflamed or swollen ears. They can infect the middle ear, which throws off their balance. They may start to walk in circle or may not be able to walk at all. Pets with this condition will scratch their ears and shake their heads a lot as if trying to shake the bugs out

If your cat or dog is showing all these signs that next step is to look in their ear to confirm they have them. If you see black or grey spots inside the ear, they have mites. Mineral oil is the best treatment for getting rid of these parasites

Mineral oil does two important things for your pet’s ears. It will help dissolve earwax and blood or puss that may be plugging up the ear and it kills the mites by smothering them. The oil can be applied with an eye-dropper or a special ear irrigation pump

Massage the ear after applying the oil. Gently grab their ear, place your thumb inside the ear and with your other fingers hold the outside of the animal’s ear. Rub the inside of the cat or dog’s ear to spread the oil. Do not go so deep into the ear that you hurt the inner ear. Let the thumb go down into their ear until you feel the inner ear, make sure the mineral oil has spread into their ear canal

After you are done massaging, let your pet shake out the dirt and oil from the ear. This is a good outdoor procedure, to protect your carpet and furniture from the oil. Once your pet has shaken out all the loose stuff, you can wipe out any residue left with a cotton ball. Do not use a Q-tip in case you push it too far down into the ear causing damage

If you still see ear mites 6 or 7 days after the treatment then you will have to take your cat or dog to the vet. It may be a more serious problem than you thought. The vet will probably do another treatment and send you home with a prescription ointment. Mineral oil is very effective in killing mites, so you probably will not need to make that trip to see your pet’s doctor

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